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Get qualified to use the FinxS® Sports Capacity Assessment

Empower yourself with the insights you need to unleash the full potential of your sports team

Learn how to use the FinxS® Sports Capacity Assessment to develop an inividual athlete or your entire team

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Sport Coaches

Sport Coaches

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Mental Fitness Coaches

Mental Fitness Coaches

Sport Psychologists

Sport Psychologists

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You will finish this course with the knowledge, skills and resources you need to discover the greatest strengths in your athlete or sports team and how you can utilise them in a more effective way.

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High Performance Profiling

Confidently develop individual athletes or your entire team

Identify strengths and development areas using our step-by-step report including suggested questions for coaching

Assess your team against our 18 Sports Competences





Competitive Power

Rhythm & Flow

Goal Focus


Momentary Concentration




Bouncing Back


Pressure Control



Sensing Intelligence

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Frequently Asked Questions

FinxS® Sports Coach Training

What is the FinxS Sports Capacity Assessment?

The FinxS Sports Capacity Assessment is designed to identify an athlete’s present level of proficiency in 18 critically important sports competences for success.

Why do coaches use it?

The FinxS Sports Capacity Assessment is designed to help you discover the athlete’s greatest strengths in sports and how you as a coach can develop them further.  Getting to the top is not easy, but you can help your athlete find their most natural way by identifying where there greatest potential is and the potential risks that could prevent them from reaching the top.

How do coaches use it?

By definition, none of the competences is better than another and each of the competences can be a pathway to the top. It is up to the athlete, and you as a coach, to decide what competence you focus on the most. Based on our experience, the ones that are the most natural to the athlete should also be the ones with which they can most easily gain a competitive advantage.

Who can use it?

The assessment is an ideal tool for Sports Coaches who are looking for better ways to select, develop and retain top talent either in their own sporting organisation or for their clients.

What’s unique about it?

This report will not make someone a top athlete. However, we believe the amount of information it contains can help you help the athlete become one. We believe this report can provide you with another perspective of the athlete. The athlete may not have recognised that some of their strengths are special and, therefore, they are not using their full potential. Also, they may not have realised that some of their weaknesses can actually prevent them from reaching the top.

What is FinxS Sales Coach training?

The FinxS Sports Capacity Assessment reports are not designed to be given to the respondent without prior introduction to the model and help from a facilitator or coach.

High Performance Profiling is one of the very few organisations in Australia and New Zealand that has achieved ‘Master Trainer’ status which means that, as well as providing consultancy services, we also conduct internationally-recognised certification courses and online training for individuals and organisations who wish to become a FinxS Sports Coach themselves.





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