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Work Personality Index® Development Report

$ 92.16


The Work Personality Index® Development Report contains interpretive notes that focus on personal growth, resulting in greater success at work. This report contains information about personal characteristics and behaviours that influence how individuals perform in work settings, as well as strengths to harness and areas for development.

This report is designed as a tool for professional growth, and provides valuable information to help individuals to improve their effectiveness in the workplace.

The Work Personality Index® Development Report contains

  • Key features of your client’s personal style that influences his or her approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people, and performance at work
  • Graphic summary of your client’s results plus interpretive notes describing the meaning of his or her scores
  • Tips for increasing personal effectiveness

When to use the Work Personality Index® Development Report

  • Individual development
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making

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