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Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2021 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) (Essentials)

$ 29.77

InDesign Text Boxes, Tabs, and Table Formatting, Illustrator Pen Tool, Drawing Shapes, and Bezier Curves, Photoshop Selection Techniques, Illustrator Artboards, Guides, and Layers, Illustrator File Importing and Exporting, InDesign Text Placement and Formatting Techniques, Illustrator Color Modes, Color Application, and Gradients, InDesign File Importing, Exporting, and Printing, InDesign Drawing Shapes and Coloring Elements, Illustrator Type Input and Formatting, InDesign Page Setup, Margins, Guides, and Master Pages, Photoshop File Setup and Formats, Photoshop Layering, Masking, and Blending, Photoshop Resolution, Image Size, and Canvas Size, Photoshop Shapes and Coloring

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