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ACER – Test of Abstract Reasoning (Short Form)

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Purpose: To assess abstract reasoning ability.

Employment categories:

  • Short Form: technical, administrative, operational, front-line supervisors, customer service and sales positions, where in-service training or part-time or after work study is involved.
  • Long Form: professional positions that require a high level of reasoning ability, such as graduates, managers and executives, or where these qualities will become increasingly important as staff are promoted in a career system.

Administration: Short (TAR 45 questions): 20 minutes; Long (TAR 60 questions): 25 minutes

Content: ACER Test of Abstract Reasoning (TAR) has been developed as a measure of general ability for selection into occupations that involve a moderate to high level of demand on reasoning ability and for other purposes where the ability to think clearly, analyse information, solve problems and make rational decisions is important.

TAR is nearly language-free and so may avoid problems associated with the use of verbal reasoning tests where candidates’ written English skills are not well developed, such as where candidates are from non-English speaking backgrounds or have specific language learning difficulties.

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